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I am currently rebuilding my entire website, but will be done very soon.I would sill love to connect, so please reach out via the links below. You can also view an extremely boring rendition of my Curriculum Vitae. The real thing will be better, but I would love for you to at least get to know me in the meantime!

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I am seeking a new media job that will leverage my web, graphic and social media experience while further developing my skills as part of a fast-paced, goal-oriented team.


Web Manager

Michigan National Guard – October 2011 – Present
The Website

I converted a sprawling 750-page static HTML website to a modern, efficient WordPress multisite. I began with a premium theme and have customized it to fit the needs of the organization precisely, developing multiple templates, simple plugins and custom post types. I take great care to remain proficient in the latest SEO practices and am a quick student of PHP, jQuery and JavaScript to make all necessary customization.

Social Media

In addition to my website responsibilities, I also manage multiple social media accounts for various departments within the organization across several platforms. From account creation to content calendars and engagement strategies, I am a competent manager.


The whole of my job relies on quality copy to be successful. I use my creative style and attention to detail to draft original, engaging content for social media, website copy, feature stories and press releases. Working in a public affairs office requires the ability to receive massive amounts of information and relay it through concise wording.

Public Affairs Team Chief

United States Army (Reserve/National Guard)
I lead a team of soldiers to create original news stories, press releases, photography products and other media for public release. My current leadership role is more focused on task organization and people management than it is on product generation.

During my time in the military, I was trained as a Public Affairs Specialist with an emphasis on print media and photography. I have literally traveled the globe using my journalism skills.

I deployed to Baghdad, Iraq from August 2009 – September 2010. Throughout my deployment, I worked closely with international civilian media to support their mission of getting stories from coalition forces. I also copy-edited translated Iraqi news articles for Pentagon officials.

Shortly after returning from Iraq, I traveled to Europe to support a multinational training mission. My primary role was to create original stories based on a notional scenario. This demanded I produce at least three full-length news stories daily for the three-week duration of the exercise.

Throughout several assignments, I edited and produced newspapers, magazines and newsletters on behalf of the United States Army using the latest design standards and software.

Freelance Designer

August 2009 – Present
I create logos, build websites and create social media content strategies for churches, schools, and other clients.


Bachelor of Science: Interdisciplinary Studies

Liberty University

Graduated Cum Laude in March 2014



I specialize in front end design, though my developing skills are quickly expanding as my desire for more complete control of client websites continues to grow. I have worked with dozens of themes and now manage a WordPress multisite that contains all departments within my sprawling organization.

Social Media

I currently manage the social media accounts for the Michigan National Guard, including several directorate accounts that fall under that organization. From account creation to content strategy, I manage several accounts on the latest platforms.

Problem-solving Research

Accomplishing great things requires conquering great problems. In design, conquering great problems is often only a few keyword searches away, and I know where to look.


I fell in love with writing in high school, so I joined the Army as a journalist. Since joining the Army, I have traveled the world writing news stories, features and press releases. Now, most of my writing falls into the byline-less web copy and press releases, but the passion to communicate in writing is still strong.

Eager to learn

I believe my eagerness and keen ability to learn are among my top intangible skills. Whatever I lack in subject competence, I quickly make up in my willingness to learn and master.


While in the military, I have been assigned to many photography missions from high action live-fire exercises to VIP escort missions. In each situation, my skills have been put to the test to create the best shot with the conditions available.


I have been working with Photoshop for several years, doing anything from simple photo retouching to advanced styling and design.


Most of my experience has come from logo and stationary design for clients.

Premiere Pro

I have jumped at several chances to both get behind the camera as well as working in the editing room. Master may be a strong word, but I know my way around most any Adobe product.


I have a passion for impeccable page layout, and InDesign is my tool of choice. I have been laying out print projects for the military and other freelance clients for more than five years.


Coming from a background in static HTML design, I learned with the basic tools of HTML and CSS. My developing skills are quickly increasing as I seek more control over my web design projects.


Now that you know a bit more about what I have done and where I have been, I think it’s time we say hello for real.

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