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profile-1My name is Joshua Horneck, but if you have gotten this far, you already know that. I currently live in Michigan, though I am most definitely an outsider here. I hail from the great state of Wisconsin. If Wisconsin were a mitten, I would be from the base of the thumb bone. Since it is not, I will tell you I grew up in the tiny town of Glenbeulah.

I graduated salutatorian in my class of two in 2006. From the bustling life of rural Wisconsin, I spent some time at college in Pensacola, Fla. and Watertown, Wisc. before joining the Army Reserve.

Taking a break from school, I deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in 2009 where I learned more than a classroom could ever begin to teach. The cultural immersion was invaluable to my development as an impactful world citizen. The confidence and motivation I acquired in Iraq continue to thrust me into challenging new projects daily.

Upon my return in September of 2010, I was privileged enough to marry the most beautiful woman in the world, Tina. We have been richly blessed with a bustling 23-month old son, Justin, and brand new baby boy, Andrew. My family continues to be my motivation for living. Justin’s adoring greeting of “Uv Oo”, which I generously translate to, “I love you” never ceases to push me through the next day of endless opportunities.

I have no idea where tomorrow will take me, but I pray the Lord’s continued blessing upon my life. I pray that He continues to lead, and that I am ever willing to follow. I pray He sends challenges that will strengthen my walk with Him and draw me closer to my family and friends.

I don’t want to be lured into mediocrity; I want to achieve hard-fought excellence.